SYS Shizuoka Day 2 Live broadcast in theaters nationwide in JP

Photo from @BTS_bighit

Live Satellite Broadcast BTS in concert Shizuoka Day 2 in theaters nationwide in JP

From: 16:30 JST July 14
*Subject to change
Place: movie theaters thruout in Japan

For valid JAPAN OFFICIAL FANCLUB membership holders only
*Those who completed membership procedure until 23:59 JST May 23 can also apply.
(NOTICE: It will take about 3 hours for payment at Konbini to be completed.)

Raffle application for tickets will start from 15:00 JST May 20 thru 23:59 May 23
*You can apply up to three theater choices and you got to have only one when you win.

Mobile FC Raffle Entry and general sales might be announced later.

Apply from here

Payment Method: By credit card or payment at Lawson and Mini-stop

2 tickets max per person

15:00~ JST June 1

Payment must be done during
15:00 JST June 1 thru 23:00 June 3, 2019

Physical ticket available:
15:00 JST July 5 thru 16:30 July 14, 2019

– Age 3 and above require a ticket. Under 2 yr of age are not allowed entry
– Under 16 yr old must be accompanied by a parental guardian by act of Youth Protection and Development Regulations by Osaka-fu

Live Broadcast Information website(JP)