Ticketing in Japan

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Concert seating in Japan
It is way different from that of that of your country.
Most of the venue have no priority or VIP seating, there are just general seats and sometimes stage-side and stage-side experience* ones. You don’t know where you will be seated until when you get physical or digital ticket which they usually issue less than two weeks before concert day. It might be on the floor, standing area or seats near the ceiling..

Ticketing in Japan
It is also special. You need Japanese unique home/mobile phone number to register to most ticketing website and apply for ticket raffle/general ticket sales. Some of the general sales don’t need it but it is common. So it is difficult to get the tickets unless you live here or you have friend/family residing here and help you.
Method of payment adds more difficulties as they usually don’t accept credit card issued abroad. At some ticket sales, you can pay at Conbini like Lawson, 7-11 and Ministop if they take it.

BTS concert ticketing,
You can apply up to two tickets per venue at BTS Ticket Lotteries.
When you win and get the physical tickets, there will be your(ticket holder’s) name printed on each of them and if you got 2 of them, there are numbers, 001 is for yourself(ticket holder) and the other numbered 002 is for your company on them.

Don’t forget bring your valid Photo ID and BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL FANCLUB membership card or your mobile phone(if you are a MOBILE FANCLUB member) and ticket handy when entering the venue as they might verify your identification with them. I recommend you guys to enter the venue together, although they say it’s OK for you two to walk in the venue separately, if you(ticket holder) sure have the one numbered 001, and 002 for your company as there were the cases like your company was requested to show his/her own Photo ID.

Resell tickets
When you didn’t get tickets, you got to find your close friend or mutual you sure rely on at Twitter and other SNS who has 2 tickets to the venue and takes you there or look for tickets at websites like Stubhub (I personally don’t recommend Viagogo). Be sure to find someone who have and sell the ticket numbered 002 and go in the venue with you as ID verification is getting really strict.

Please beware there are so many scammers on SNS and internet and they deal with concerts, shows and plays of many genres.
Never trust anyone who specify payments in advance. Use PayPal Goods and Service, ticket reselling website which offers Buyer’s Protection and APPs like Mercari (Don’t rate seller until when you sure get the item).

– Stage-side/Stage-side Experience seats
They are located near both side of the main stage where you may have restricted view and may not see the stage properly. They do not accept refund and cancellation.

Ticketing in Japan | Ticket LotteryTicket Lotterly done
How to confirm Lottery Result | Venue Info