JP Fan Club Cafe

BTS has 2 types of Fan Clubs here in Japan.
One is accessible by PC/mobile devices and the other is for Mobile devices users only.

Joining them are rather easy with forwarding service companies, however I personally don’t recommend it unless you know Japanese well. All of the contents and announcement both on their website and emails are all in Japanese and they sometimes drop important information you can’t miss.

Admission Fee: 1,000 Yen(tax incl)
*First year only

Auunal Fee: 5,200 Yen(tax incl)
– Might be need predetermined fee by the way of payment

Membership Period: The day you completed membership procedure thru one year later until the end of the month you joined the Fanclub.
Ex.) If you join it on Feb 12, 2019, you will be a member until Feb 28, 2020.

Member Benefits(as of February, 2017)
– Fan Club Membership Card (at the time of joining the Fanclub only)*
– Gift(at the time of joining the Fanclub only) *
*These two will be mailed to you 2 to 3 months after application

– Members’ magazine (in Japanese, on an irregular base)
– Greeting Card
– Can apply for lotteries for concert tickets*
– Can apply for Fan meetings and events*
*These benefits are only when promoters’ cooperation available.
– Can apply for Give Away
– Can purchase members’ only merchandise
– Fan Club only mail magazine(in Japanese, on an irregular base)
– Can browse Fan Club only contents by PC or Smartphone on BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL FANCLUB website
– Gift for membership renewal

For more informaiton, browse BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL FANCLUB on Chrome.

for mobile device users only

Monthly Fee: 324 Yen

Credit Card, Docomo SP mode payment, au kantan payment and Softbank Matomete Payment

Member Benefits:
– Can browse news, BTS ART, staff blog, event report, digital contents(photos, movies, voice and member autograph fortune-telling)
– Can apply for lotteries for concert tickets
– Can join Give Away
– Can apply for member participatory project