Lottery Application for Stage-side seats at Lawson Ticket

Photo from @BTS_bighit

BTS Lawson Ticket Exclusive Lottery Application for Stage-side seats
for LEncore members and Pre-request

Lawson Ticket Website
Starting at 18:00 JST April 26 thru 23:59 May 6
Price: 11,880Yen each+charge

*You will need to register to Lawson and SMS confirmation with your JP home/mobile phone
-Payment by credit card only
-Maximum of 2 tickets per venue/person
-Result: ?

– Seats are all assigned.
– Age 3 and above require a ticket. Under 2 yr of age are not allowed entry.
– Stage-side seats are located near both side of the main stage where you may have restricted view and may not see the boys properly. They do not accept refund and cancellation.