Hi! I’m a J-ARMY 😉
Sorry it took me some time to tell you guys a little about myself.

I love many kinds of music like country, pop, J-pop, rock and heavy rock and going to concerts.

It already started when I first watched some of MVs of BTS back in last summer of 2018, I guess. I love them because they are making good music, not only cool and cute but very down to earth.

I’m enjoying Twitter very much with mutuals, followers, people I’m following and non-followers. There are so many ARMYs who translate official and other tweets, episode of each member and so on into so many languages!

280 characters per one tweet were not enough for me and decided to start this website. It is solely to share good information with other ARMYs.

From now on, I’d love to write about what I noticed or got to know as a new K-pop fan and oh! I wanna tell em about this! thingy.

I have learned English so long but I might be making a lot of mistakes. Please ignore my typos.
Although I try to keep information as precisely as possible but there are limits I can do so please search them also by yourself.

This website is a member of some Affiliate Programs. If you click the ads, purchase goods on the websites they lead you, I will earn commissions from those companies.

Word Press is still hard to handle for me but I will update my website little by little.
I’m glad if you come by often 🙂

Thank you for reading.